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Dejan GAVRAN, born 17. XII 1961, Belgrade       



Dr. Dejan Gavran dipl.ing. is individual developer, writing AutoLISP/ADS/ARX applications for road and airport design since 1990. The leading product is GCM (GAVRAN - Civil Modeller), 3D based software for the design of linear and planar civil engineering facilities.

Though primarily conceived as a software for road and airport design, “GAVRAN – Civil Modeller” (or GCM) has been successfully used on railway, tunneling, bridge, maritime and landscaping projects in many countries. The first version of GCM was completed in 1993. (while working on doctoral thesis) and became commercially available in 1997.

Since the very beginning in 1993, GCM has been fully 3D oriented software. That is to say, the working drawings (profiles, cross sections, grading plans, mass diagrams etc.) are generated from the 3D model. For example, profiles and cross sections are literally cut out from 3D models – no matter how complex they are.  

Unlike many other software solutions that give priority to linear facilities, GCM equally supports modeling of planar facilities as well. GCM contains many tools that support modeling and editing of planar facilities, especially paved and other manmade surfaces. Curbs, conical slopes, intersecting slopes and other elements accompanying the crossroads and other planar facilities could be modeled easily by using GCM.

GCM manipulates simple AutoCAD entities: 3DFACEs, LINEs, ARCs, POLYLINEs, POINTs etc. 3D models are created from the triangles that are, in fact, standard 3DFACEs. Though created from simple entities, models produced with GCM are fully dynamic – move a centerline and the entire model of the road changes automatically, including the crossroads. While the full 3D approach has been the main characteristic of GCM from its inception in 1993, 3D dynamics was introduced as early as in 1999-2000.

What is more, GCM tutorial comes with more than 22 hours of video files accompanied with the appropriate written explanations. The first version accompanied with the video tutorials was GCM2000, launched in 1999-2000.

GCM has been used by companies from Serbia, Bosnia& Hercegovina, Montenegro, Switzerland, Slovenia, Russia, Austria, Slovakia, Canada, Kuwait, Libya and some African countries.

For all these years D.Gavran was intensively engaged on the most demanding projects, incorporating the valuable engineering experience into the upcoming versions of GCM. The experience to be incorporated in GCM was gathered on local road projects in the heart of the Balkans, on motorway and hi-tech tunneling and bridge projects in the Alpine regions of Central Europe, on the fast growing airports of Russia and on many other projects, taking place in completely different environments, under diverse climatological conditions, by using different standards and guidelines and relying on completely different construction technologies.          

Dr. Dejan Gavran graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering - University of Belgrade - Serbia in 1986. Now acting at the rank of Docent at the same Faculty, Dejan Gavran is giving lectures in Road Design, Airport Design, CAD In Transportation Engineering and Urban Transportation Systems.



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